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I cant swear to you that this is exactly how it happened but this is how it felt [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Jul 2016|10:04pm]
You're a man-eater.
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[09 Jun 2016|05:12am]
Well I've got good news and bad news for you.

Good news: The feeling is completely mutual

Bad News: Like it or not, I'm still a part of the game for more or less the rest of your life so get the fuck over it.

I know you wouldn't be posting shit like that if you weren't truly upset about it, but you've become so much like your mother that you can't express any feelings that don't match hers anymore. So sad.
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[24 May 2016|08:34pm]
Well It's time to step things up a notch.
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[14 May 2016|07:52pm]
Tammy was right.
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[24 Feb 2011|08:06am]

I hope you realize that you have lost the only true friend you have ever had. Goodbye.

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[04 Feb 2011|07:44pm]


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The morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball... [01 Feb 2011|02:02am]

The roller coaster ride we took is nearly at an end. I bought my tickets with my tears and that's all I'm gonna spend.

And I think it's gonna be alright, yeah the worst is over now....

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[18 Jan 2011|10:50pm]

I suspect foul play...

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Return to livejournal? [14 Oct 2010|11:27pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Man it's been a long time but it looks like i may be back....

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[02 Jan 2007|08:28pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I can't believe you.

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[07 Aug 2006|11:18pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Yes believe it or not I'm still alive....

I'm up in manchester for the summer and I finally purchased my new system. I've had a heck of a ride this summer. I started working at castle graphics thinking it would be a good job. However the owners have been oplanning to sell the company for months. and when they employed me they would do it sporadically. due to this my projected earnings for the summer fell well short of the mark. Finally they went under and I was jobless. However the week before they went under I was working for Deb camp anywyas. so I got a nice relatively fat paycheck from that. So I bought my new computer when the news came in that I'de be helping a Dunks franchise open a new store. I started w the franchise today and it seems to be a very nicely run franchise. The new store opens on thursday and I'll be one of the first to work it. I honestly can't wait!

For those of you that have been asking Jen and I are doing great. We're a couple months away from the two year mark. I can't believe it's been that long! We went to July fourth as tradition entails and we saw the fireworks again. It was such a good time and much better then the first time. We also went to six flags soon after the band camp concert. There was a little scare in the middle when we got seperated for about an hour but it all turned out well obviously.

Speaking of band camp... Holy shit! This year was absolutely amazing! The winner for most improved section, as a whole easily goes to the French Horns. My god they were huge!(soundwise). The number 2 section though, definetly the trombones. I was absolutely proud of the performance they put out on that saturday. I felt like I went to hell when we played the Inferno. I'm very proud of the work you guys put in.

Well I'm ready for skool to start up again. The Suite is gonna be a lot of fun. Rooming w nate is gonna be fun too. with all of our computer battles, it should be very spicey.

Well that's about it for now. I'll talk to ya'll later. And I promise to update more often then I have. This is just what happens when a computer dies a slow undignified death.

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Ipod for Sale!!! [17 Jun 2006|02:37pm]
Due to a money crunch and upgrade ambitions I am sel;ling my Ipod on ebay! Anyone interested go to


Thanks for looking!
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wow, the world is just f@#$ed up isn't it? [09 Jun 2006|05:58am]
[ mood | awake ]

I've lost all faith in the Boston Globe reporting the news. First of all they have an article on Zarqawi's death called "the legacy of Zarqawi" as if he's some sort of national hero, and then in said article they say that "Zarqawi's death is of no use to anyone"?! I mean honestly! WTF! Zarqawi was one of the most evil men in the world today and trhe one responsible for thousands and thousdands of deaths in Iraq!

Boston Globe! Get a F^&#ing clue! Now we all know how sickeningly liberal you are thanks to the lovely state that you come from, and that you don't support the war(duh), or G.W. Bush(big surprise), but this is a victory! Not a memorial!

grrr, this just gets to me.

In other news I will be recieving a copy of windows Vista Beta 2! and when they release the release candidate 1 I'll be recieving that too! Whoo hoo!!! Also I've started a new job. That's right I'm back to work after about 8 months due to the injury. I'm working at Castle Graphics with Tony. Tis fun, but my first day was a little overwhelming. I'll learn it though. I'm off to work! tt ya'll later.

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Jury time..... [18 May 2006|07:19am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

hello all

It's been an interesting few days... I"ve never been asked to evacuate a place before. I took tons of pictures of the flood and they are online at http://photos.yahoo.com/ph//my_photos . There are also pictures from my junior recital just recently posted. That by the way was a huge success. The Choir was pretty good and the quartet was awesome(the best it's ever sounded), and my solos went fine. Still waiting for Nater the Tater to give me the full recording, although I have two cuts so far. I'm already deep in lpanning for next semster's recital. hehehehe.

Anyways I have my Jury today. I have to go show a bunch of brass players that I know how to play and that I've improved since last semester, which shouldn't be hard considering last semester's jury....*shudder*. The fall juries always seem to be the so so ones while the spring ones always seem to be great. Let's hope that logic holds up ;)

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The Count is ON!! [10 May 2006|11:02am]
[ mood | anxious ]

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[10 May 2006|01:14am]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm surounded by crazy people!!!!! And yes I mean people in the rooms next to me. lol. Ok the roomate too. haha

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So fricken nice outside!!!! [05 May 2006|02:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So this morning I tagged along with Dave Slipp to go to smun brass music store. It's a really kool place. they don't have much of a selection for trombones bu they have tond of accessories for brass and trombone playing. They have some great methods as well as recordings of all the big brass bands and players. But I've got a big performing schedule coming up. This saturday and sunday are the last two shopws of the Music Man. (then I get paid) lol.

Monday night. The wind ensemble concert. Now tyhis concert is definetly one to go to. We're playing Robert W. Smith's second symphony the Odyssey. in four movement's it depicts Homer's epic story. You will hear the fire burning in troy and the wheels of the trojan horse turning. It's just awesome.

Wednesday night, The All City Youth Wind Ensemble has it's concert. You can come to hear me give a nice speech about cell phones and to hear a group of mostly high school musicians show what they can do with ten rehearsals.

Thursday night. My junior recital. Come to hear well me and my colleagues playing a variety of trombone music. We have a trombone choir for the big finale including first call sub for the BSO Hans Bohn. Also it is featuring my quartet the Heroes of the Revolution. Twill be a good show.

Then official classes are over. I'll have a final in Music History and a Jury. it of course will be good. The Light at the end of the tunnel is slowly becoming larger.

Also lastnight we had our concert band concert which was surprisingly good. It was almost like a different band except of course for the euphonium soloist but I won't go there. It gets a B.

That's all for now.

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[02 May 2006|12:33am]
"it is now just an empty shell. Dispose of it as you see fit."- Klingon Officer Klang

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Since I've been tagged twice [01 May 2006|11:03am]
[ mood | anxious ]

The Game: The first player of this game starts with the "6 weird things/habits about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a blog of their 6 weird habits/things, as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read yours.

(1) I do not like jazz very much.
(2) I appreciate neo classical music if it's done right.
(3) I've had two major injuries due to marching band.
(4) I am not an optomist nor a pessimist.
(5) I HATE wearing jeans. They're extremely uncomfortable.
(6) I can ruin the absolute noblest of conversations by mentioning one word.

Tagged: Jen, Tristan, Nate, AJ, Meggles, JIllian.

On another note.

Mixed Chamber concert is tonight!!!

This will be the premier of my arangement of conversations with the Night. I hope everyone can make it!!!

7:30 In the Recital hall.
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hahahaha [30 Apr 2006|02:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

You Are Homer Simpson

You're just an ordinary, all-American working Joe...

With a special fondness for pork rinds and donuts.

You will be remembered for: your little "isms" and philosophies on life

Your life philosophy: "Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals ... except the weasel."

May I also mention that this is my

1000th Livejournal entry!!!!

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What If... [25 Apr 2006|01:58am]
What if life were more like a musical. Besides randomly breaking out into song what else would be different?
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mmm.... [24 Apr 2006|10:11am]
[ mood | blah ]

Just so everyone knows, this is hell week.

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hrmmm... [18 Apr 2006|10:50pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

so yeah, really don't know how to describe how I'm feeling right now...

I dunno.

a little bit of everything I guess...


upcoming events worth noting... [17 Apr 2006|09:07pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Music man rehearsals beginning this coming sunday and lasting through tuesday. Dress rehearsal thursday. Performance friday and saturday(28/29)

Final Mixed chamber concert May 1
Final Concert Band concert May 4th
Jay Adam's Senior recital May 5th
Music man performances May 7th and 8th($$$$$$$$$$)
Wind Ensemble concert May 8th
All City concert May 10th
Junior Recital(final concert of the semester for me) May 11th

This summer...
College writing I online course while I supply myself with a vehicle and means of temporary income.

Other events...
Sometime in early summer- Siz Flags trip w Jen
June (fill in the blank) Playing for Graduation........
July 4th. Boston Trip.
July 16-22- Deb Camp #6

I'm looking forward to the end of this semester. lol.

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[04 Apr 2006|07:44am]
[ mood | crazy ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The best performance of my life to date..... [01 Apr 2006|11:16pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So yeah tonight I became intimate with my mistress in front of Jen... Of course I'm refering to the mistress of musical performance. And My god what an amazing performance it was. We played Holst's "the Planets". The dress rehearsal went so so, but during the break in between the dress and the performance, it rained out for a lil bit. But then the sun came out about an hour before the beginning of the concert and the absolute most amazing rainbow came out of nowhere. It crossed the entire pond and it was the brightest most beautiful thing I had ever seen. And I guess for some reason it was a good omen.

The concert opened with a very celebratory piece played by the Air force band of liberty. Followed by Bach's Toccata and Fugue in d minor. They had some minor time issues, but they persevered. It was a good attempt at an extremely difficult piece. Then we heard a cool piece with a trumpet and trombone duet with the band accompanying. Then they played the most beautiful rendition of October. Third and best performance I've heard of the piece. Finally with an amazing Euphonium player!!!!!!! My god I'de sell a body part to have one here! Anyways, then I had to leave to get warmed up.

We get on stage. and we go through the normal tuning hurrah that begins every concert. They have a small talk and award ceremony and I was like come on let's get on with it. lol. Dr. Scatterday takes the stage. Conductor of the Eastman wind ensemble, an ensemble that puts on 18 concerts a year, and fellow bass trombonist. We begin Mars and it took us about a bar to get in sync, but after that the tempo never once wavered. This was the first performance that I ever had one of those "moments" with a large ensemble, you know the moments where you get those goosebumps because the band was so together and in sync and had the best emotion. I usually have those "moments" during rehearsal and performances are very often a letdown. For the first time since I've first heard the piece, it finally felt like WAR!!! so we end it nicely with the fortisimo brass and percussion in the very rubato sections. We go into the second movement which is Uranus. The opening chords were amazing. The only major issue was actually a very minor one. In the first basoon lick with the melody, one of the bassoons came in early. And only slightly. The reason I call this a major issue is due to the lack of any problems throughout the rest of the concert. My gigantic FFF E below the staff solo, came in amazingly. And amazingly in tune. The rest of the concert including Jupiter and Shostakovich's Galop was very very good. I don't think i've ever had a better performance in my life. Most of you know that I grade my performances according to how well I think we did as an ensemble. Most of you also know that I never have given above a B to these performances. Tonight's performance rated an A-.

Afterwards during all the applause Dr. Scatterday came up to me and said "Bravo Steve". After it was all over he talked to me after and was like "Steve you were solid. I want you to keep in touch with me and tell me how things are going for you." From this man it was a high compliment. Afterwards there were other colleagues in the band complimenting me. It was crazy and not just saying, great job, but being specific like, "I didn't know a bass trombone could sound like that." lol. And if you don't believe me just ask Jen. She witnessed the whole thing. All in all an amzing two days of playing, experimenting, making friends, and making music.

A special thanks goes out to Lindsey Sherman's family for having me at their home for those two days, and making this festival so convenient and easy to concentrate on. How you were able to put with me, I don't know, :-P, but I thank you so much for it. :)

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HOLY CRAP!!!!! [31 Mar 2006|09:41pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I hope everyone who said they might make it to the concert tomorrow will, Itg's going to be really really really really really good. The conductor who normally conducts the Eastman wind ensemble was originally a bass trombonist, and as such pretty much gave me a free reign(within reason) and it sounds amazing. The whole ensemble sounds really great through these pieces. Ohhh man. I can't wait til tomorrow to get back to practicing. And of course the concert tomorrow night. ;)

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[30 Mar 2006|07:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wish me luck for this weekend's Band festival up at Gordon! I hope some of you can make it. Gimee a call if you want dirxns!

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[30 Mar 2006|10:36am]
I'm so tired of some of the godamned Bullshit that I'm forced to put up with at this school. I should not have been forced to withdraw from the brass ensemble. obviously. this is just extremely stupid.
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[30 Mar 2006|09:58am]
Wow. Robert W. Smith has once again wowed me with "The Odyssey". It's amazing how the exact same composition style can invoke different emotions with different pieces. I dunno...
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[ mood | amused ]

I'm currently looking for a good trombone player to help fill out my trombone choir for my junior recital since Eric Poster decided to drop out. (big surprise). Anyone interested please contact me.

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Enid we never really knew eachother anyway... [27 Mar 2006|10:17pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

So yeah a lot has been happening. My Junior recital has been officially approved for May 11th!!!! Which I'm incredibly excited about. everyone must come!

All City has been exceeding my expectations for this semester. Every year it seems to be getting better. My section tonight finally sounded like what an 8 person trombone section should sound like. lol. My students have also been doing well. I'm currently teaching 4 students which means I need at least 2 more. If anyone knows, or is looking let me know.

I'm also doing the Music man in the beginning of May which I'm excited about. One of the first real paying gigs. Also this weekend is the New England Intercollegiate band concert. Saturday night to be particular. We're playing Holst's The planets. Mars Jupiter and Uranus. Twill be fun. if anyone wants info on how to get to the concert let me know.

So yeah lots of good stuff happening. I'm also walking better! but that's a different story. I'm off to bed. Inga Quiz tomorow morning... :-O

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[20 Mar 2006|09:43am]
[ mood | creative ]

Well, here we go again, another month and a half to go. Wooooo!!!

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WIND ENSEMBLE CONCERT [06 Mar 2006|08:20am]
[ mood | bouncy ]


7:30 PM!!!

(paid for by the Steve Lee for BSO committee)

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update time [04 Mar 2006|06:27pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So yeah haven't really had a meaningful post recently so I will now.

I'm now living on campus in Concordia and loving it. Wind ensemble concert is monday night, and I will hopefully get a recording out to you Auntie Claire!!! You will love it. The recital is now tentatively slated for May 11th. Waiting for the Durgin people to get back to me to confirm that. Speaking of which I've decided to hasve Kyle accompany me in addition to the trombone choir on the organ. It will create quite an interesting sound in the recital hall. :) Doug's in Japan and I miss him and his family dearly. I miss my own family as well. It's kinda wierd being out on my own. My mom will be having shoulder surgery on thursday so I hope everything goes well with that. I have spring break next week so I will be spending some time with her. I think next week will mark a great sigh of relief from stress briefly for a lot of people. I have my Inga midterm on tuesday. It's not as hard as I thought it would be so I'm happy about that. Who knew that she was actually a refugee from the Soviet union. I was not aware of this. Gives me much more respect for her then before.

Anyways I must head to Durgin to practice. Lately I've been really noticing my practicing beginning to pay off. It's crazy but my sound is becoming much more consistent. :-D nate was saying our lessons were becoming less like lessons and more like coaching sessions. I agree w him 100%. well tt ya'll later.

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[24 Feb 2006|08:47am]
[ mood | relieved ]

TGIF. What a long a stressful week huh?

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[13 Feb 2006|08:33am]
so who else hates the guy on the snow delay hotline?
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CONCORDIA: Night one [05 Feb 2006|01:17am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well I guess it's morning one. lol Just thought I'de update w the fact that I'm now on campus. GNIGHT!

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[02 Feb 2006|02:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]

The trombone choir parts for the recital have been ordered and should be here and ready to rehearse by the end of next week!

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Hey LHS people!!!` [29 Jan 2006|11:08am]
Hey LHS people, what's the musical this year?
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